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What Are UVA And UVB Rays?

Our skin is damaged mostly by the sun. Whenever we go out, especially during summers, we expose our skins to our big spotlight-the sun. We enjoy going to beaches, swimming, get tanned, surfing, diving, sports on beaches and doing such activities that really fits summer. We wear less clothes right? Summer is hot, and we wear two piece outfits, trunks for men, swimsuit that fits you, and covering your face is your best face sunscreen… while your body shields you with your best sunscreen of great SPF protection as well.  However what does sun has whenever it touches our skin?

The sunlight consists of two types of harmful,skin-damaging rays. These are the UVB,”ULTRAVIOLET B RAYS” and UVA,”ULTRAVIOLET A RAYS”.

The UVA rays passes through window glasses that goes through deeper in the dermis. Good thing about the dermis is that it is the thickest part or layer of the skin. It can protect you from skin cancers though they bring premature aging signs like age spots and wrinkles. The UVB rays are the burning rays which causes sunburns.


The UVA rays are the aging rays while the UVB rays are the burning rays.

Too much sun exposure can result a developed skin cancer.

The UVA rays has long-wave solar rays of almost 400 nanometers…billion of meters!

The UVB rays has short-wave solar rays of about 320 nanometers.

The UVB  rays  causes melanoma…a serious type of skin cancer.

Got it? See how damaging these rays that we often get amazed when we see them especially in the clear sky? So know what to do now? Your designed house is a big factor too. Too wall glasses is a no. Get and wear Best Sunscreen and wear your sunglasses and cover yourself outdoors, much better don’t let sun touch your skin as much as possible…

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We all wanted to have the best face everyday. We even wanted to always look younger and fresh. But who is really in need to use face sunscreen? Here they are…

The needs of using it is always depends on skin type.

* If you have Skin Type 1, meaning, your skin easily gets burned, very sensitive from sun’s rays and yet your skin never gets tan.

*For Skin Type 2, your skin burns easily too, practically sensitive to the sun’s rays and you get little tan skin.

*Skin Type 3 then brings sun-sensitive skin, tan slowly to brown(light) and often creates burns.

*Skin Type 4 has little by little burns, usually tans to brown(moderate) and less sun-sensitive.

*While Skin Type 5 differs from the first four skin types, it is not sensitive to sun’s rays, brings minimal burns and tans very well.

*Skin Type 6 then never burns. It is sun insensitive and intensely pigmented.

When to use best face sunscreen? Actually, EVERYDAY. Whether you stay home or outdoors, best face sunscreen is needed.

Though UVB rays cannot touch your skin inside a glass window or any glass protection, UVA rays can. So what I mean is you must apply your best face sunscreen and your body sunscreen as well though you are inside your vicinity. Why? it is for a well protected skin.

So make your ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen your daily partner. Here’s Why Best Face Sunscreen?,a brief information for you.

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Best Sunscreen is a part of your daily living. This thing called face sunscreen sticks in your skin all day long. So the more you stick with your best face sunscreen, and the more you re-apply it, the safest it must be,it shouldn’t create any problems and even create any worse problem.


For oily and acne prone skin, you must use and choose sunscreen that is oil-free and won’t clog your pores,sometimes called non-comedogenic.

For dry skin, you might really need moisturizer. If not available, you can find and use something that has moisturizing formulation.

For outdoors activity,wearing make ups… you must have something called sunscreen under your make up. Choose non-greasy one so that the make up won’t just melt and slide off.

Half hour before you expose to the sun’s heating rays, you must put the sunscreen and let the pores absorb it well. Reapply sunscreen every two hours for assurance. Not all sunscreen protects the skin all day long.

Sunscreen is a real partner of your skin, our skin. But that does not mean you won’t take enough water intake and eat healthy foods,proper and well knowledge is needed for well and healthy body. Use and wear sunglasses that has light and you think your eyes is comfortable to see and use hats that can cover up your head.

The Face  Sunscreen for you is not that hard to find with my simple yet informative articles.See this example video where you’ll see what changes will happen, before and after the sunscreen application,

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Exposure to the sun and its ultraviolet rays is the skin’s enemy. Too much sun exposure to sunlight might cause skin cancers and unwanted results instead of beautifying.The best thing we can do is apply Face Sunscreen when going outdoors.

Aside from using and wearing sunblocks or sunscreens, using sunglasses and other sun protections,they consume time to take result,cost a little and a little unsure.These things are everywhere.

All the products in the market that comes out nowadays were promoted very well with detailed and proven informations and tests. Even make-ups now were created with sunscreen formulas and UV protected. SPF  is the only thing every person looks for before applying and buying any beauty skin products.

Likewise moisturizers, they were applied before applying make-ups for double skin protection.Indoor and especially outdoor activties, whether it is just cloudy and cold outside,it doesn’t make sense, sun is still present,and UV rays were scattered everywhere. Using an SPF formulated product is a must. You should choose your best face sunscreen and enjoy hanging around everywhere.

Keep your skin safe. Choose Sunscreen lotion and do not be afraid going outside. Sunscreens keeps your skins safe and protected in or out the sheltered areas.

See now how this brief informations cleared and informed you how important face sunscreens are?

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Best Face Sunscreen were made to protect and shield your skin from sun damages, right? If you are contented and trusting your face sunscreen, then you know that it will work on your face the whole day? Not sure? Here’s a brief information for you.

On your face, the recommended SPF content of your sunscreen must be 30 and for your body is 40. If you used SPF 30 into your face and you are exposed under the sun, then, by 300 minutes, or in less than 4 hours, the effect of your face sunscreen ends, you are not protected. If you enjoy in the beach not knowing you have reached the at least 4 hours in sun exposure, then,expect sun damages. It’s like you’re traveling maintaining your gasoline of your car.See the premature aging effects from sun without being protected.

There were certain things to consider for you to know before applying sunscreen. Look at your skin, is it light? Know your skin tone. Obviously, the lighter your skin, the faster you will get burns than with darker and olive skins. If you experienced burning before, then, base on it, if your skin burns fast, get and apply the higher SPF sunscreen.

SPF means Sun Protecting Factor. The formula to know how long your SPF sunscreen will last is, get your SPF content digits and multiply it by 10. The answer is the time you are safe and ready to expose under sun’s rays.

Example formula: SPF 30 x 10 =300 MINUTES, meaning, you are 300 minutes protected from sun damages.

If you’ll stay in an indoor activity, you can have your moisturizer applied first after cleansing your face. Then put on your best face sunscreen, it can take 20 to 30 minutes before the sunscreen is deeply absorbed into your pores. You can even wear make up that has an SPF content. There were make-ups in the market now that has SPF  contents too.

Indoors, since you are wearing face sunscreen covered with make-up of SPF content, you can retouch after your calculated SPF formula. Outdoors, better stay outside the sun’s exposure area  at least 30 minutes before your calculated SPF formula ends. You can put sunscreen again if you are in an activity under the sun.

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