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Sunshine and Sunscreen

Undeniably, the sun contributes significantly in the production of Vitamin D needed by human body. Even infants are recommended to be exposed to sunshine a couple of minutes on early morning for adequate supply of Vitamin D. It is because Vitamin D is essential in the absorption of calcium for healthy teeth and bones. Recent studies also suggest that Vitamin D may provide protection from hypertension, cancer and several autoimmune diseases.

However, over exposure to sun’s rays may be harmful to the skin. Too much sun accelerates ageing due to damaged skin cells. Worst, it can lead to skin cancer. As such, people who love outdoors should take precautions and must opt to use sunscreens.

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Low Cost to No Cost Sunscreen

Bargaining for a low cost sunscreen? Stop the haggle and enjoy the benefits of low cost sunscreen that are chemical free and environmental friendly. Wear Hats! Wide-brimmed hats are very good sunscreen. You may also choose to wear saris or malongs. Fashionable and can be worn over and over again without adding extra cost. It would not hurt either if you add sun glasses to your outfit. Nice deal? Here’s a better one. Fend off sun’s harmful rays by staying under the shade of a tree. No cost sunscreen while enjoying nature’s best. Still, it is advisable to limit exposure to the sun especially on the hottest time of the day.

Commercially Available Sunscreens

For those who cannot seem to get enough of the sun and above mentioned methods of blocking sunlight are insufficient, there are commercially available sunscreens to choose from: (1) Chemical Sunscreen and (2) Natural Sunscreen.

Chemical sunscreen which usually contains oxybenzone, benzophenone, avobenzone, methoxycinnamate and other chemicals actually absorbs Ultraviolet (UV) rays and penetrates the skin tissues. These chemicals are proven to be effective sunscreen ingredients yet prolonged and daily usage causes alarming level of toxic chemicals as the ingredients are continuously absorbed and accumulate inside our bodies.

Natural sunscreen uses titanium dioxide and zinc as its main ingredient. These minerals sit on top of the skin acting as a shield reflecting UV rays. Mineral sunscreens are found to be the safest and give enormous benefits to skin due to its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial components.

Sun Protection Factor

Choosing between SPF-15 and SPF 30? One should be aware that Sun Protection Factor measures how long it will take for you to burn. Let us say you normally burn after 10 minutes of exposure to UV rays, applying an SPF 15 will allow you 2 ½ hours worry free exposure to the sun under normal circumstances. Activity such as swimming shortens the effectiveness of best sunblock as the water washes away or towel drying discards sunscreens off the skin.

Be Wise and Outsmart the Sun

Nothing should stop you from basking in the sun. The key to good sun protection is to limit your exposure to UV rays on the hottest part of the day, wearing protective clothing and applying broad spectrum natural sunscreen (gives protection from UVA, UVB and UVC) at least 15 minutes before exposure and reapplying as needed.

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Applying best face sunscreen has become a necessity nowadays. Sunburn can give you awful side effects so know how to select the right sunscreen to protect your skin during any activity. Be smart by using face sun block; perhaps you remember the past when it was alright to go outside with no sun protection. On the other hand, researchers say the sun’s rays are harsher now than even a decade back. Spending time outdoors without shielding your skin is detrimental.

Please be aware that sunscreen oils and tanning lotions having an SPF of 2 or less are utterly useless for protection from the sun as they are unhealthy and might even cause skin cancer. Go ahead and ask yourself if you consider a tan is actually worth your life, expectantly you’ll soon see the need to choose Best Sunblock. The lowest sun block rating should be SPF 15, for adequate protection. You have to choose at least an SPF 15, no matter what activity you’ll do outside. This best face sunscreen protects your skin austerely; at least apply it.

Read on to see if you’ll necessitate more than this basic SPF 15 sunscreen since diverse activities and durations outdoors require different sunscreens. Set out for Best  Sunscreen. If you are an outdoor person, at least for some time of the day, and your skin is light or fair-colored, the most successful sunscreen for you should be at least an SPF 30; your skin may burn simply and this will prevent it.

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