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Sunscreen or sun block was developed primarily to protect the skin from the hazardous ultra violet rays. The harmful hours are between 3pm to 4pm where its rays are strongest, but this is also the time when most people are out of their homes and on the streets or in the outdoors.  This makes them very susceptible to sun damage and other skin problems brought on by exposure to the sun.

Best sunblock, specially those for the face are very easy to use.  Most types of sun block comes in liquid, spray, lotion, gel, cream. It is packaged in plastic bottles or in biodegradable, recyclable packs in case of organic products for easy storage.  This also makes the product portable so that people, even children, can bring it with them wherever they go.

As value is added on the product, it is also part of moisturizer, make up, lipbalm, lipstick and other cosmetics.

Sun block serves as shield to prevent skin cancer, brown spots, premature ageing, uneven skin tone. Usually used during summer to maintain moisture by the beach combers, kids and celebrities on vacation, non-celebrities, garden hobbyist, employees on their way to work, even those at home.

Plant, fruits, vitamins extracts are the basic ingredients put in best sunscreen.

Decades ago, putting sunscreen was not part of beauty products and consumer’s regimen. As the unpredictable weather became part of daily living, the sun block has become a necessity.

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