The face should be protected from any harmful effects caused by ultraviolet rays. One must aptly avoid the low quality face sun screens which only renders and offers low-quality protection or in other words not that effective in guarding against the harmful effects of the sun. Using the low quality or cheap best sunscreen will not only cost you money into something that is not effective, but it also lets one’s face from getting damaged by the sun. So if one wants to be fully protected, then one must be careful and wisely choose the best and most effective organic sunscreen.

Before using any sunscreen lotion, know first the correct SPF to be applied on one’s face. The best level to protect the face from the daily exposure to the sun is the SPF30. This sunscreen is capable of moisturizing the skin and at same time maintaining the skin soft and hydrated.

To protect yourself  from the sun, one should apply an organic sunscreen cream or lotion to the skin for it contains ingredients that can care for the skin. Most of these creams are intended for the faces because a lot of people wanted to safeguard their faces.

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Most of the people are mistaken by the supposition that the only point to utilize a sunscreen is during summer days or the days when the sun is at its peak. The UV rays from the sun can have a negative effect every time we expose our skin. Overexposure to the harmful rays of the sun can lead to aging of skin and other grave skin dilemmas in the future. It is always a good idea to apply the
Face Sunscreen even on days when the sun is not peeking from the sky.

Using facial sunscreen is really necessary especially if you routinely go out for every day sun exposure. It would be acceptable if you always use the skin care products such as the sunscreen whenever you eat lunch outdoors or just strolling for a while. In spite of a lot of facial moisturizers available in the market, facial sunscreens are still the best option to guard you from the sun’s UV rays on daily situation.

Emerging of wrinkles is one of the most devastating appearances a woman can experience. When it comes to aging, one of the prime factors responsible for this is the sun exposure. Most people are concerned about how they look in front of others, that’s why it is to use the best face sunscreen to eliminate those wrinkles and aging. Choose the one with high SPF ratings to experience the maximum effect of the product. In Best Sunscreen it ensures that you are well informed of its content and effects.

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We now discussed almost everything about face sunscreens and I enjoyed sharing them to all my readers who learned and followed my articles. Here are some of the myths on sunscreens that I researched and want to add on the lists of sunscreens misconceptions.

It is not true that we do not need sunscreens if it is cloudy day or it is cold outside. It doesn’t matter what your outfit is too.  It is because sun’s ultraviolet rays can reach the earth’s surface of almost 40 percent during cloudy days! Most of us, do not use sunscreens during cloudy days knowing that there is no heat outside,and that is a big no!no! Observe your skin it might experience sunburns.

There is an issue before that best sunscreen affects the vitamin D our body has! It is because vitamin D is a supplement and seen in foods. Also, there is nothing to avoid in your eating habits when taking sunscreens like others believe. Sunscreen has nothing to do with our digestive health.

I almost posted the things to know here, so I might say that this is my last post, I will try and study more about skin healthiness still. Keep posted always! See you again on my new posts, I’ll post here my incoming sites to share you my researches and studies!

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One step outside the house, the sun welcomes you,right? And what you do is shield yourself before going outdoors, sun protection. In my age, your age, at any age, sun-protection is very important to prevent damaging effects of sunlight. Sun protection is a must for every one for sun-safety lifestyle.

But this doesn’t mean that we should put and apply any thing on our skin. Be wise, be careful in buying, in applying, in everything because it can harm you physically, mentally and financially. Here is one thing you should know before anything else.

There is always a misconception between sunblocks and sunscreens. Many believes that best sunblock is the same as sunscreen. The goal, to protect the skin  from any harm and sun damages. But it is a big no! They differ on how they work on the skin.

First what is best sunscreen? Sunscreen generally chemicals that shields the skin by absorbing and reflecting the UV rays(long and short wave rays from the sun), the UVA and UVB rays.

While sunblocks are made of inorganic ingredients and formulas,they are physically made. They were commonly made of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and it deflects harmful UV rays. The sunblock that we often trust to protect our skins from sun damages are the cause of appearing of wrinkles,premature aging and worst is a step to skin cancer.

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The Facts On Best Sunscreen

Do you know the facts about best face sunscreens? These are the facts that we  often forget and disregard… The things that we might don’t even know at all. Here is my list and learn from it.

…wrapping around sunglasses blocks almost ninety-nine percent of UVA and UVB rays.

…when using contact lenses, choose a lens that has UVR  protection.

…avoid UVR between 10 am to 4 pm if necessary.

…Hide. Cover all exposed surfaces, including tops of ears, scalps where there is no hair, noses and bony surfaces.

…replace sunscreens yearly.

…you can apply sunscreen lip balm to lips. If needed.

…exposure to UVA and UVB rays can damage skin that leads skin aging,and develops skin cancer.

…UVA penetrates windows or glasses.

…blistering sunburns on your childhood could be melanoma when you get older.

…almost 88 percent of damaging rays can pass through clouds.

…heat and brightness doesn’t mean it is a UV ray.

…sunscreens are for all ages.

…do not use sunscreen younger than six months.

…always stay in a shade.

…children spends three times longer under the sun than adults.

…sunscreen is not for an added time of sun exposure.

…sunscreen application is needed until the elderly stage.

…chemical sunscreens absorbs UVA and UVB rays.

See? How is it knowing these almost everyday happenings in our lives? Isn’t it informative enough to learn more about caring your, our skin? These things are based on my researches and surveys. Come to think of it, does these information helps you? Does your best face sunscreen has it all to shield you from sun’s rays?

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