The Best Face Sunscreen Needs to be Used on Regular Days as Well

Most people only use sunscreen when they are going swimming or sunbathing as they will be exposing a lot of their skin under the sun for long periods of time. On normal days, many people do not apply best sunscreen as they have clothes to protect their skin from the sun, but exposed areas like the face are still at risk from damage by the sun.

The most common problem encountered upon exposure under the sun for long periods of time is sunburn. This is very annoying as the skin will be painful for some time. Once the pain subsides, it will be replaced by itchiness and flaking skin. This makes your skin look ugly so you would try to hide your skin until it is able to regenerate.

Another problem that is not so evident but still occurs due to exposure to the sun is cell damage. This contributes to the faster aging of the skin due to repeated damage and repairs that go on. So if you want to prevent this from happening, be sure to protect your skin, especially your face at all times.

Fortunately for you, protecting the skin is very easy and it will not take you more than a few minutes each day to do this. Sunscreen will get absorbed into your skin and coat your cells so that the harmful UV rays of the sun cannot penetrate and cause damage.

The best face sunscreen does not always mean that you have to use one that has the highest spf all the time. You must consider the time when your skin will be exposed under the sun. For longer periods of time, you may want a sunscreen with high spf. But for short periods of exposure, a sunscreen lotion with lower spf will be enough.

Your sunscreen should also be compatible with your skin and not cause damage as it should be the one protecting you. Some sunscreen may have some harsh chemicals that are not suited for sensitive skin. Be sure to use one that will not cause any allergic reactions, and while at it, choose one with a texture and

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